Hibiscus Coast Basketball Association (HCBA) 2023 Player Selections 

Age Group Eligibility

15U - Born 2009 & 2008

17U - Born 2007 & 2006

19U - Born 2005 & 2004

Representative and Development teams 

Player Selection Open trials/musters will be held on a date to be determined by HCBA each year. Players should endeavour to attend all trials/musters to maximise their chances of selection. Players can only stand for selection in their own age group, with the exception of Under 23 teams due to the nature of the BBNZ eligibility requirements (players must be 23 or under as at 31 Dec, but must be over 14 years of age at the time of the tournament in August; players may play in U23 Rep Nationals as well as another Rep National Tournament). Any trial absences must be communicated and explained to HCBA. If a player is unable to attend trials for a legitimate reason (such as, but not limited to, injury/illness, unable to gain release for another elite sports programme, or prior commitment i.e wedding etc), selectors will utilise their knowledge of the player along with the merits of all eligible players that are trialling. This does not enhance or prejudice the chances of the players in attendance at the trials.

Players and parents must acknowledge and accept guidelines set out in the Representative & Development Programme Handbook to confirm selections in teams. The number of representative and academy teams that HCBA enters in any given age is dependent on several factors including player availability, talent pool, coaching resources and training venue availability. Representative teams will have 12 players, Development teams will have upto 12 players . All team selections will be made by the Head Coach in conjunction with HCBA selectors. 

Selectors may consider a litany of factors when selecting players including, but not limited to:

• Performance at selection musters/trials 

• Highly coachable (ability to receive and apply feedback via two-way collaborative communication between player and coach) 

• Athletic ability and other physical attributes

• Ability (and availability) to attend selected teams training and competition schedule 

• Demonstrates outstanding mental skills including self-discipline, resilience, effort, work ethic etc 

• Desire to become a basketball player at the highest possible level 

• Player/Parent/Guardian behaviour in relation to code of conduct

• Team Needs/Balance

• Any other criteria that selectors see fit 

Players may request feedback from selectors by contacting HCBA at the conclusion of trials, and HCBA will collate feedback from selectors and send in a timely manner.

Age groups selection process

15U & 17U Boys - Trials (based over 2 days) 


Representative Selection (1-2 teams | 12 players per team)

All players selected for the rep programme will need to be able to commit to the following training and competition schedule

  • Pre-Season High Performance Programme | 5 weeks | Nov - Dec

  • Season training | 20 weeks | Jan - May | 1-2 sessions p/w

  • Pre-Season Tournament | 2 days | Feb

  • Division 1 Supercity | 6-8 weeks | Feb - Apr

  • Mel Young Easter Classic (Tauranga) | 5 days | Apr

  • Regionals (National Qualifying Tournament) | 2-3 days | May or June

  • Post Season - Nationals (Top 6 from Regionals Qualify) | 5 days | July

Development Selection (1-2 teams | 10 - 12 players per team)

All players selected for the academy programme will need to be able to commit to the following training and competition schedule

  • Pre - Season Academy Programme

  • Season training 

  • Pre-Season Tournament

  • Div 2 or 3 Supercity

  • Auckland based easter tournament 

  • Postseason Invitation tournament 


15U Girls | 17U Girls | 19U Boys - If applicable 

As these 3 age groups have struggled in the past we will be running a different process for these programmes. We will host musters over 5 weeks for team selections. Athletes must commit to the programme set by the end of the 5 weeks. Our focus in these programmes is development and encouraging players to compete to the best of their ability. If there are not enough players to form a team for the age group no team will be entered for the season. We will endeavor to create opportunities for players 

 Representative Selection (1 team | 9-12 players per team)

  • Season training 

  • Pre-Season Tournament

  • Div 1 or 2 (based on teams overall ability at discretion of Director or Basketball)

  • Mel Young Easter Classic (Tauranga)

  • Post Season Tournament (dependent on teams ability)